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Unable to buy the products online

Topic gestart op: 03-12-20 19h15

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Unable to buy the products online

It is very frustrating that I am not able to buy the products on the Orange webshop. The reason behind this is, at the moment, there is no possibility to register the Foreign national identity (even if it's an official Belgian work visa) on the orange website; the registration is possible only with the Belgian identity number which starts with "B" (refer to the attachment). To become an orange customer for the first time, I had to go to the Orange shop, obviously because I couldn't do it online. However, now after more than a year, I am still their customer (and therefore still in their system) and paying the monthly invoices, but still unable to make an online order simply because I just have an official Belgian identity (for foreigners) and not the permanent Belgian residence card, which starts with "B". On top of that, the online discounted products must be bought online. The same products are not discounted while buying in the shop. Furthermore, the customer service agents do not know how to deal with this and ask me to visit the shop (because they missed the whole point). After visiting the shop, the shop people said you could only buy the things available in the shop (without discount of course!!!!!), to buy the online product, I have to make the order myself (again, they missed the whole point). This is the most ridiculous, stupid, and unresponsive system ever experienced!!!!!!

Orange must find a solution for this issue, especially during this COVID-19 phase, when online shopping is a must; otherwise, they will lose foreign customers (at least me).



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@R10 @I had the same problem but that's because I had a dutch and not Belgain ID card. That's the only reason why you can't do any purchases online, sadly enough. But you can in the shop


I hope this answers your question?

Kindest regards


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I think you would better go to an Orange shop in the near vicinity, @R10 


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This is not a nice story. Unfortunately, we all are ordinary customers and have no acces to Orange resources of any kind.

The only advise i can give you is to contact Orange via Messenger (Facebook);  That is the webcare team. They sometimes need a little bit more time to answer but they do proper research.

i wish you good luck !!

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