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Buying online a SIM card while still abroad

Discussion créée le: 28-12-22 17h37

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Buying online a SIM card while still abroad


I am trying to buy an Orange SIM card online while still leaving abroad. I will start to work in Belgium in February 2023 as an european citizen but there are some issues so far I could not surpass, such has:

Not having a 10-digit  mobile phone number

Not having a Belgian resident identity card starting with B (as well has National register number)

Does any now know how to solve this?


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Hello @Ana4 

I think you'd better keep your mobile subscription from your european country for the moment.  Roaming is free anyway.

That will buy you time to get your resident identity card.

Once that is done, you can go to a shop for a mobile BE subscription

Be warned that a BE subscription does not include calling european (other than BE) numbers while you're on a belgian network




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Hello @Gregory,

Thanks for the reply. 

I wanted the SIM card so I could start to take care of some issues before going to Belgium ... Opening a bank account, water & electricity contract, the sort of stuff for wich I need to have a BE phone number.

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