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I do need help

Discussion créée le: 31-08-22 03h27

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I do need help

Hi, I need help. I am brazilian and I've been trying to reach Orange contacts so hard 😭

I bought an Orange sim card when I was in Belgium during my vacation travelling around Europe. It was a prepaid card. The thing is I am being charged for a fidelity program in my credit card and I don't even have the sim card anymore. I have no ideia of how I signed it or how I registered my credit card.

To be honest, I went to an Orange Store in Paris but they couldn't do much cause the sim card was from Belgium. So, could you please help me? I don't know the number anymore (trying hard to check if someone has it saved or old messages), but I know it was registered with my passport (the prepaid sim card). For sure, I'd like to cancel it, but more thant that, can you exclude my credit card from "I don't know where"? I just sent a message to my bank too, cause I'm actually worried about it all.

Again, please help me. I'm having a hard time trying to understand the language on the website and I don't want to loose my money anymore for something I don't have, specially in euros! :((

Thanks a lot, Michelle

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Have you ever thought about your credit card ? :((

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Isn't it easier to change your credit card?

Je suis un client. Je ne parle pas au nom d'Orange. Mes avis ne peuvent remplacer les informations de la page Support, les conditions générales ou les informations données par le personnel d'Orange au 5000, sur Messenger, Twitter ou en magasin.
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Go to Contacter Orange | Orange Belgique and scroll down to the bottom of the page.  At the far right you will see a blue icon.  If you click it you can chat with Orange

Chat is possible from 08:00 onwards

Good luck

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