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Hello all,


2019/ it taking two call to 5000 a day for a month to have internet installed at home .

the staff doesn’t seems to know really what need to be done and I have been sent between call back and make the request via our website orange. 

Its been one month still no response . No internet.

i want to cancel all my orange contract and no one to response to my question!!!! 

ORANGE: I am so disappointed of the business behaviour towards a clients. It’s a disgrace for such an established company.

I will advise friends and family not to opt for you as that seems to be our only power as client. 


Bye bye orange !!! 

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Tribe is a forum where customers help each other. It isn't the best place to get in touch with the Orange team. 

In Belgium Orange uses the cable connection of VOO or Telenet depending on the region you are living in. I do not have the tools (I am just an Orange genuine customer just like you) to see exactly what went wrong with your activation of your internet and TV bundle.

I can advice you to fill in a complaint on Twitter or Facebook. Orange Belgium has 2 Twitter accounts (@OrangeBEFR and @OrangeBENL) and a Facebook page. The team there is quite reactive and should be able to help you solve that issue. 

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Hi there,

thanks for your reply. 


Unfortunatly , this was the only place to share my experience  to others about the subjects.

I have fully understand the process to get an activation done. However, the time expectation( 1 month and still no fix date in future). With having to explain that we have to take time off work to have the so called ingénieur coming to check the line. And I say so call as he Didn’t sees to know what he was looking for and told me “ I will say it’s ok and then will see if it works” and the lack of knowledge from the staff over the phone is appoling.

I am still today still client orange with my mobile, never failed any payments and so I believe this is the place to discuss with other clients Orange and not Orange staff .

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Currently the activation process of a Love bundle is in 2 parts: first comes a VOO/Telenet technician to activate the line on its network and then 2-3 days later comes the Orange technician to install your internet and TV connection.

Regulation will change in the forthcoming months. BIPT, the Belgian telecom regulator, has decided that Orange will have the possibility to activate and install your TV and internet. This new regulation should enter into force in the summer if everything goes well. It will improve customer service and experience.

Orange Belgium is still quite new in the business of fix internet and TV. It launched its services 3 years ago. I really advise you to contact the webcare Orange team via Twitter or Facebook and they will come back to you quickly with a solution. 

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