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Nr. van Belgisch identiteitsdocument



I want to change my prepaid plan to a monthly plan. However, when I want to do that online, it asks for some personal details which I don't understand.

In addition to Rijksregisternummer which I have that, it asks for "Nr. van Belgisch identiteitsdocument" and I don't know what is that. There is a 9-digit serial number of top of identity card, but it doesn't accept that.

Any idea?

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Well my card looks like thisThe card number is on top right. However, mine doesn't start with 'B'. It is just a number.

In the form, I added a 'B' in front of the number and I was able to continue. However, in the next step I received an error that the card number is invalid.

Anyway, ik moet naar Orange winkel gaan!

Thanks for the suggestions

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Right @27021984 You'd better go to a shop.  Success

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That is not a Belgian ID, but a residence permit.

Best you call orange support at 5900, so they can help you.


Kind regards

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Small typo in your message, the Orange support number is 5000.

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