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Orange TV cannot be activated no any feadback from Orange team

Topic gestart op: 16-02-23 14h05

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Orange TV cannot be activated no any feadback from Orange team

Equipment needed for Orange TV was installed in my apartment month ago. But due to some technical issues it was not possible to activate. OK, no problem, especially when technician who installed equipment promised me they will contact with me in next few days to activate it. After 1 month of waiting of callback call to Orange byself. And listen the following: technical issue still not solved, still wait. Cool :(.
Question: How long I should wait? Can someboby keep me updated on regular way?
Response: I am not technical representative and cannot say you anything
Q: Who are responsible to provide this information for me, or at least keep me updated, so it sounds like i need to sit and wait may be somebody will call me in next few days, weeks, months or years...
R: (nervous) I am not I am not technical representative , we will call you back, please wait, when I cannot say

Is this a normal situation when you are not keep updated about status of your request which cannot be done due to their internal technical issues? For me this looks like something irregular

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Cannot say this is a normal situation.  Guess you'll have to call back in a few days, and keep calling until its is solved

Best of luck

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