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Without connection at home

Discussion créée le: 17-06-20 16h52

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Without connection at home

Dear Orange

I just changed my mobile provider from proximus to orange

but i think it was a bad decision because there is no coverage at my home 

When i checked on the map - there is only a small spot without coverage, and this is exactly my home!


are you going to do something with that?

(I life in Moxhe - 4280)

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Grand Sage

Ugh @guilite et @aro,

Avez-vous bien vérifié la qualité de votre réseau via notre console de contrôle

N'hésitez surtout pas à contacter notre tribu Webcare sur les réseaux sociaux afin qu'ils fassent un dossier et des vérifications pour vous. Ils peuvent également vous envoyer un femtocell gratuit afin d'améliorer la qualité de votre réseau.

La résiliation n'est donc pas nécessaire, il y a des solutions 🙂

Salutations de Totem


Did you check the quality of your home network with our control console? Don't hesitate to contact our Webcare tribe on social media, they will make a case and some background checks for you. They can also send you a free femtocell that will improve the quality of your network.

Withdrawal is not absolutely necessary, there are solutions for you 🙂

Totem's regards !


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Why I have impression  that my comments has been deleted????
This is ridiculous!
Weekend is coming soon and still nothing!!!!
OMG !!!!!!!!!
Orange is a p..... of s......!!!!
This is madness !!!!
They even didn't read my message from monday when I complained via facebook !!!

I have no more word to say about that!
How long I must wait still????
Is anybody going to help me????

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Hi @aro,

I can understand that you are angry on Orange Belgium. But this forum is not the right place to get help from the Orange customer service. We are only customers and we do not have the tools to sort out your problems. It would be a pleasure for me to help you if I could. 

The only way to get help from Orange is via 5000 or Twitter /Facebook and messenger. I hope you will finally be able to get your number back and port it to Proximus.


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I know this is forum only
But people from orange read that also
Believe me
I tryied contact orange via shops, facebook, call center
and still nothing
Thay have me in a a... i suppose
It is impossible that it take that long
Sorry for my not nice language but the level of my flustration can reach the sky!

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