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common annule card Tempo Giga

Dear all,


I made a mistake by chnace. I wanted to recharge the Orange SIM card online. I started to do this, but by mistake i bought a new SIM card Tempo Giga for 10 Eur instead of recharge the SIM card of my husband.

Given taht everybody in our family has already a prepaid SIM card, Idon't need the new Tempo Giga. Hiow could I cancel it quick and save?

Should Isend some message like this through the webpage of Orange to Orange support.

OR would it be better to go to an ornage shop today?

Thank you in advance for a good advice

best, Kali

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A mistake is easily made and that happens to everyone.
The simplest thing is to call Orange's 5000 mobile number and explain the situation. Don't forget to include your customer number, because they need it.

Hopefully the error will be corrected quickly.

Tribe greeting.


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