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How to activate my orange SIM card

Discussion créée le: 12-01-20 06h33

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How to activate my orange SIM card

I bought an Orange SIM card from a store of Belgium. I put the SIM card into my phone, and then enter PIN code. Then the phones shows a 3G signal, not 4G. I could neither call somebody else nor surf the internet. I installed an Orange APP in my phone. However it reminds that I will receive a SMS code. However, after 24 hours, I am still not receive it.  I don not know how to activate the card.  Are there anybody to help me?

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Hello @tianwu85831217,

Have you received a paper or something like that from the store? If you do you should call the client service with a working phone to have more informations: +32 2 745 95 00.

If you haven’t got any paper and it’s a new number you can still call them and give your name.

In hope I solved your problem


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